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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Have any of you been to the Smart Chicks tour yet? Look for pictures as our group heads out for the San Diego event this Tuesday.

This week we introduced you to the great wisdom of Deborah Halverson

Ask her advice on one of our new favorite blogs, Dear-Editor.com

Last week we introduced you to great on-line resource for emotion and setting.

Here’s a similar resource. Is your main character depressed? Anxious? Grieving? A licensed therapist tells us what those look like in real life at The Character Therapist.

The Character Therapist

Does your character get herself into trouble? Does he sit back and let the world happen to him? Are they growing?

Miss Snark looks at the dangers of an inactive hero in “On the Do-Nothing Hero and Why He Kills Your Story.”

We’ve read at length about the frustrations of revisions. Mandy Hubbard gives us a peek into her emotional revision journey and even shows us actual notes from her editor in
On Self-Doubt...and getting it written instead of getting it right.”

And finally, a conglomeration of many of my personal favorites:

GUYS READ: FUNNY BUSINESS, an anthology of short shorts edited by Jon Scieszka, releases on September 21! 
                                                       Guys Read: Funny Business

You can pre-order it here.

You can see a lot of the artwork, including amusing rejected covers, from illustrator and contributor Adam Rex, on his blog.

Find out more about Jon Scieszka’s initiative, Guys Read, here.

And here is the FUNNY BUSINESS book trailer!



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Sep. 20th, 2010 10:59 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the Friday Favorites, Andrea! I always learn a ton from your post. :)
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