April 16th, 2013

A Cup

Finding Mojo

Today I experienced TRUE MOJO! It exists. Really, it does.

I’ve spent over a year pounding away at a serious manuscript that I enjoyed but felt WAY too much pressure to get right. Seriously, A YEAR. And I’m nowhere close to done.

Many factors play into the molasses of my WIP. Largely, my real life interfered on my time and on my mental abilities. Writing a story that requires more intricate language and a series of connecting points, not mention dealing with prejudice, death, and cultural differences, just wasn’t going to happen in two three-hour sessions of half-functioning brain a week. Not to mention the school-less summer hours with both kids at home in my near future.

What changed that brought me so much MOJO? Not my time. Not my life.

My story.

When I was finally honest with myself about my situation right now, I could get smart about how to use what I have available.

I love the complicated WIP, I really do, but I can’t give it what it needs right now.

There’s another story that’s been floating around my mind that’s light, fun, and easily told. The characters speak to me again and I spend free time dreaming up ludicrous situations for it. This is the story I should be telling at this point in my life.

Finally starting today, I found the joy I'd forgotten in writing. In essence, I found my MOJO!

Is your Real Life messing with you Writing Life? Are you in denial? What can you do to make it work?