April 15th, 2013

Lisa Coffee

Keeping Perspective

Boston as seen from the 26th floor of Student Village II at Boston University by Henry Wan

Today was a sad day in Boston.  Like me, I'm sure you spent a good part of the day watching the tragic events unfold at the marathon finish.  Days like this put things in perspective for me.  They  make me think in cliches:

  • Life is short;

  • Live each moment like its your last;

  • Every day is a precious gift--live it to the fullest;

The things I've spent time worrying about ("Will I ever finish this draft?" "Is anyone ever going to publish my work?") seem silly in comparison to the real hurt and fear people faced today.

Instead, I'm glad to be alive and with the ones I love.  I hope, dear friends, that you've also gotten some perspective.

And for those touched by tragedy, my thoughts are with you.