February 11th, 2013

Lisa Coffee

Feeding the Addiction: Free Ebooks!

I've recently discovered OverDrive Media Console--an app that makes it very easy to check out ebooks from your local libraries.  This free app allows you to download ebooks and audio books if you have a user ID and password from your library.  I use it on my iPhone, so I have my free library books with me wherever I go.

Since downloading the app in December, I have whipped through a ton of books--many of which I wouldn't have bought on my own or bothered to check out of a real library.  The ease of ebooks let me explore new authors without any pain, and I found some great stuff. I sliced through four of th Gossip Girl books, which gave me some great ideas about how to structure a contemporary series. I'm currently readin Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly, which has given me new insights into my own contemporary/historical drama.  

I also read some not-so-great stuff, which I found just as valuable.  It's much easier to notice the things that don't work in someone else's book.  The memories of my cringes will hopefully prevent me from making the same mistakes.

Anyway, check out Overdrive and let me know what you think!