February 4th, 2013

Lisa Coffee

Squeezing Out Time to Write

So I know this isn't our first (and definitely won't be our last) post about finding time to write.  As three busy moms/wives/employees/human beings, we struggle to fit writing in.  I just wanted to share with you some of the recent ways I've attempted to steal some writing time.
  1. I've got a Google document where I keep notes about my WIP.  I can access this file from my phone or from any computer.  If I have thoughts about my story, I write them down immediately.  Before I start writing, I check the file for notes.  I'm always amazed by the things I jotted down and then promptly forgot.  Taking notes this way is essential because I often have long stretches between proper writing sessions.
  2. I've had a couple of walking brainstorming sessions recently.  While taking my daily short walk, I brought along a notepad and wrote down random phrases I could use in an upcoming scene.  Walking always gets my creative juices flowing.
  3. I bring my laptop with me to work every day.  (Shhh.  Don't tell my boss.)  Instead of wasting time while I eat lunch, I try to sneak in a bit of writing.  I can't do this every day, but at least I have the option of writing if I have my computer with me.
Do you have any other tips for stealing back some writing time?