cannonwrites (cannonwrites) wrote in yaknow,

A Trip Down Memory Lane

So, I have a high school reunion this summer.  I won't divulge the number, but it's a pretty serious one.  As our senior class president, I'm forever saddled tasked with the thankless work fun of organizing the big event.

I've recently had to spend a huge amount of time scouring Facebook to find classmates.  With a class of over 300, I've got a sizable list of people to work with. The names of people I haven't seen in years are making memories flood back.

I remember walking home in several feet of snow wearing flats and nylons after an unexpected storm dropped several inches.  I was with a guy who ordinarily wouldn't go my route but did that day for some reason.  We goofed around, slipping and sliding until I couldn't feel my feet.  I wondered how long it took for frostbite to kick in.  It was one of those days where you burst through your side door with red cheeks and make puddles in the foyer.

This little incident gave me a story idea, and I've already regained several other lost memories by reading other long-forgotten names.

This made me realize that a senior yearbook can be a valuable tool for any YA writer.  If you find yourself stuck, start browsing through those lovely posed and retouched portraits!
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