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I spent this weekend at an awesome retreat. A large section of time dealt with our personalities and strengths. We took the Meyers-Briggs as well as StrengthsFinder, through Gallup. It shocked no one that I showed up with a personality and strengths that like people, information, and communication but not so much the “getting things done” aspects of life.*

The point of gathering this information at the conference was to see ourselves exactly how we are and value that. Also, to see others’ personalities as different but not particularly better or worse than our own.

So, what does this have to do with words on paper?

It amuses me that my strengths in life mirror my strengths on the page. And what does not come naturally in life, does not come naturally on the page. I like to joke with Nikki and Lisa that I’m taking my characters to the grocery store again. These people in my head come full of information and voice and personality. They can talk to people and have different taste in music, different opinions on politics, different approaches to change. They hang out all the time.

Oddly enough, those same characters frequently forget to DO anything! I have to spend a lot of energy to get an actual plot. Just like I have to spend a lot of energy to get an actual schedule in my real life. But, as I learned this weekend, that’s okay, because we all are good at some things and weak in others.

What I’m telling you is that we all have to forgive ourselves for not being perfect. And if you’re one of those lucky few that happen to be good at both, it’s probably safest if you keep it to yourself!

After you forgive yourself, save yourself! Go find partners that are not the same as you. The benefit of knowing your strengths is that you can find someone (or someones) that compliment them! You won’t be surprised to read that Nikki and Lisa both have very different personalities than mine. Thank God! I need them! And, hopefully, they need me.

*The graphic shows my MBTI personality. If you know yours, you can get a cool graphic, too. Just click here.

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