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Mojo 109

Happy February, My Friends!
This week I've seen so many quotes that resonanted, so I saved a few for you!
I'm wrestling with the idea of changing projects in order to get the mojo back. This makes me think hard about which one I really love. Although, I kinda' think both! What do you love?
A few weeks ago, it occurred to me that the first draft is like when someone asks where you want to eat and you answer, "I don't know. Just say something and I'll tell you yes or no." It might not be right, but it helps you know what is.

first draft

"Worry is a misuse of Imagination."

You know what inspires me the most? My kids.
This weekend, we went to a huge book signing with eleven authors and illustrators. My kids were so excited.
This is a picture* of them, super happy, with thier books signed by David Shannon, Marla Frazee, and Pam Munoz Ryan.
I want my book to put a smile on kids' faces, too.
*Okay, Livejournal doesn't seem to like me today, so I'll have to try to put the picture in later! But trust me, they're happy! :)

And for my musical mojo offering, I give you an instrumental from my current WIP playlist.

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