katzni (katzni) wrote in yaknow,

Incidental Inspiration: Week 3

Another week of inspiration. These ones are mostly related to my trip to Las Vegas for my daughter's cheer competition this weekend. It was a roller coaster of a trip. And I didn't even visit New York, New York!


Getting out of your house, your normal writing routine - is always good for the creative spirit and enhancing your work. Take time to take absorb your new location with all of your senses, and then try to incorporate it into your writing. Vegas is a far cry from my novel set in the 1800s. But even there I could find snippets to include - the opulence of decor, the demure behavior of the wait staff.

It seems like nowadays, every kid wins. Every child on the soccer team gets a trophy. Every team gets trophies. But there's something to be said for competing ... whether you win or lose. Your characters will compete. Whether it's for a boy, or in a sport, or in a race to save their lives. They will be excited, euphoric, they will have anticipation, their hearts will race, they may cry, they may grin like crazy. Next time you compete (or your children compete) document those feelings and emotions.

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