katzni (katzni) wrote in yaknow,

Incidental Inspiration: Week 2

Another week of inspirational points (I really need to write these down as the week goes on, instead of spending way too many minutes trying to recall what's been going on!)

I love Phillip Phillips ... he's just too adorable for words. I've been listening to a lot of his album this week, and really - he reminds me a lot of the love interest I'm writing.  So ... yeah ... inspiration :)

Good Reads:
My manuscript is set in 1800s Italy, so I've had to do a lot of research into the subject. One of my favorite sources of little known facts, smells, and sights is Pictures from Italy, a travelogue by Charles Dickens. I suggest if you're setting your book in a foreign setting (and can't quite make it there) - try looking at pictures books, tour books, etc. Google can only get you so far!

Just watched a (very disturbing) episode of Criminal Minds last night. It was one we had DVR'd months ago, but I knew immediately where it was going ... considering it had a similar element to my manuscript! Living marionettes FTW :)

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