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Incidental Inspiration: Week 1

I know I've been completely off the grid for a while now (bad Nikki!) but life sort of got in the way over the holiday season, and before that I was powering through my first draft.

Now I'm in dreaded edit mode. And life is continuing to kick my butt. So I've decided that (for now) my weekly entries will be tied to inspiration ... things I've seen/read/heard throughout the week that fuel my inspiration ... whether it be for my specific novel, writing in general, or whatever.

Hopefully these incidental inspirations will give you a spark or nudge or whatever you're looking for this week.

When writing I can only listen to instrumental music (or nothing at all). Since this latest WIP is pretty dark, I searched out a variety of artists and stumbled upon Dark Sanctuary. I listened to this song a LOT! So it only makes sense that as I sit down to edit, I play it again.

My Children:
Watching my daughter as she texts friends (and the boy she likes) gives me quite the insight into today's generation of kids. But it also shows me that some things never change. Like how she shows off a different side of her, depending on who she's texting ... This girl is a total bookworm, but she plays it off like she could care less. So what's the inspiration here? It makes me want to write strong female characters that love to read!


Good Eats:
In Vegas this weekend we dined on some amazing Italian food - including calamari, ravioli, and some make-your-own cannolis. These are definitely going in my book!

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